Overcome These Five Common Obstacles To Meditation

When you are practicing mindfulness meditation you may find yourself lost in thoughts about the future or memories about the past. It is something normal for our mind to wander, but as you look closely at the workings of your mind during mindfulness practice, you’ll start to see how often …

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6 Holiday Gift Ideas For Health And Wellness

No matter what season it is, a great idea to make gifts to your closed ones is to offer them something that they may use while they enjoy their vacation. As vacation is for relaxing and recharging the batteries, you might consider buying something that helps them be less stressed …

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Lose Weight By Walking 30 Day Fat Burning Plan

Maybe you struggle to lose weight, but you really hate workout in busy gyms. You don’t have to give up, we have really good news: you can lose weight and burn unwanted fat by walking! There are two types of walking: Comfortable walk – which means walking moderately fast, but …

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3 Simple Ways To Switch Out Of Autopilot

Our mind’s normal status is to keep wandering when we are not paying attention to anything in particular. When we are not focused on something in particular, our mind continues quietly whirring away, re-charting old pathways. That makes us suffer as we are replaying old narratives in our mind. With …

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How To Fight Stress With Intentional Breathing

What do you do when you are over stressed? Maybe you panic and you cannot think clearly anymore which leads you to depression and anxiety. But did you ever think that there is a very simple solution to get rid of stress? Just try to take a deep breath or …

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The Beauty Vitamin Cheat Sheet

Even though vitamins are essential for our beauty and health, choosing the correct ones might feel difficult. And once you find the perfect one, how can you be sure your body is absorbing it? You will find below the list with the best vitamins, minerals and herbs for every need.

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Healthy Snacks That Are Easy To Pack

If you are looking for some ideas of healthy snacks packs, I am going to share with you three of my favorite go-to combinations. I am always looking to clean up my diet and I’ve recently been focusing on reigning in my snacking. I’ve been exploring different healthy snacks that …

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