Three Awesome DIY Wood Pallet Ideas

If you some wood pallets left from a previous DIY project, you may find here some awesome ideas to recycle them. And if you don’t have pallets, we give you a tip: many stores give them away for free!  What can you do with them? Well, they can be used …

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10 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Bob haircut is still the in top in 2017 with some new trends that we are going to present you in this article. There are the new long, medium and short bob hairstyles for thick hair! The hairstylists came with new ideas regarding the highlighting colors for bob haircuts. For …

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The Only Holiday Makeup Tutorials You’ll Need

Every woman wants to get the best from holidays and that requires being satisfied with her from all points of view. We struggle to make others happy with our greatest food recipes and the most amazing gifts, but we all want to be happy with ourselves and to be admired …

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The Benefits Of Getting Balayage

According to hair stylists, the latest dye trend that makes any woman irresistible is Balayage.  This hair color technique is a French method that was invented to create natural-looking highlights to your hair that look more soft and discreet than traditional coloring methods.

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DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

A bath bomb, what may this mean? Is it something that explodes in the tub? Far from this! On the contrary, bath bombs serve as a relaxing method that soothes away stress and clears the mind. The name is given by the reaction caused by citric acid and baking soda …

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4 Cold Fighting Hot Drink Recipes

Are you dealing with cold and flu during the winter season? Don’t start taking medication immediately, because nothing can completely cure the common cold. But there are some natural remedies which help ease the symptoms and make you feel better. The following natural hot drinks will make your life easier …

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