10 Daily Habits Of Extremely Happy People

Many people expect their own happiness to be determined by others or by some external events. But having a new car or changing your job won’t bring your happiness. Maybe this may change your life for better, but happiness is more of a decision than a circumstance. Knowing that happiness …

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3 Best Beauty Foods For Acne

Acne is not just a teen-age problem and this condition is even more difficult to be bared for grown-ups. It’s not all about hormones, it’s the whole lifestyle. Lack of proper sleep and exercise as well as improper hydration and incorrect food intake are some of the main causes that …

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10 Healthy Holiday Treats For Kids And Kids At Heart

It is Christmas time and children are permitted more sweets than ever. Of course, you cannot stop them; it’s the time when you have to show your indulgence. But it is not very difficult to include some healthy recipes for Christmas. You just have to use some simple tricks, which …

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DIY Heart Map Ornament, Brooch, Keyring And Tag

You can offer special gifts this Christmas without investing too much money. All you need is just a little time and desire to create something with your own hands. The idea that will inspire you is presented below: map ornament: What you have to do is to personalize a decoration …

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3 Easy & Healthy Christmas Cookies Recipes For 2016

We all love Christmas because we offer and receive presents, but also for the special holiday treats and eats. But sometimes we are afraid that we eat too much sugar with all the sweets and cookies available anywhere. That is why we are looking today at some healthy Christmas cookies that …

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