Scientists Have Detected Traces of a Parallel Universe

The idea of parallel universes was for long time only a fantasy. However, this theory is gaining ground recently. One of the biggest discoveries of 2015 is that another universe exists and it is right next to the universe we belong to. Scientists believe that a new era of knowledge …

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Change Your Negative Thoughts with Helpful Mantras

The best thing you can do for your life is to think positive. If you care about your life and love yourself, think positive. If you want to feel good turn yourself to positive thinking. If you want to be healthy, think positive. If you want to live a certain …

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This Bear Quietly Admires the View Next to a Camper!

We have all heard of cases of bears being very dangerous to humans when they are free in the wild. These encounters should always be avoided as much as possible. However, this case we present to you today is quite surprising. In the video below, you will witness how a …

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