The Man Who Never Gave Up (175 Pound Transformation)

If you ever thought you won’t succeed, take a look at this guy! If he did it, anyone can do it! What makes him different then all the others that don’t succeed? It’s ONLY perseverance! It’s that simple! Who is he, what is he? He is The Man Who Never Gave …

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One Month Without Sugar And Alcohol

Alcohol and sugar are the most common and accepted addictive products in the world. Sugar is found in all processed food. Most people do not give up alcohol neither in times of sadness nor of joy. It is the ingredient that people adapt to any circumstances. Are they harmless? How …

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4 Important Life Lessons That You Should Never Forget

Some say life on Earth is like going to school. We learn all the time. We learn until the end of our lives. However,  during my life experience I realized that the lessons that we don’t learn, or that we learn and then forget tend to repeat into our lives. …

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5 Habits That Will Boost Your Creativity

Generally speaking, being a creative person is one of the most important qualities anyone can posses. It can help you develop and increase the success in any area of life. Creativity can improve your  career, no mater what that career is, it can improve your relationships, it can bring more …

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How To Become A Better Version Of You

A lot of people invest tons  of money and effort into  personal development. They invest their time and energy to know themselves and to have a better control over their lives. Here are  some very simple things, that we can practice every day and all that it takes is just …

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