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This Is Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Unhappy And How To Fix It

Capricorn’s Unhappiness:

  • they are unhappy for not being appreciated for all of the little details they put into the things they love most
  • they are always second best when it comes to the things that they want to do well in
  • they are permanently looking for new ways for them to figure out how to be happy next time

Aquarius Unhappiness:

  • they can find themselves being torn between certain situations that would either give them exactly what they need in that moment in time or wait for a better opportunity
  • they like to overexert themselves which makes them feel completely drained to do literally anything else.

Pisces Unhappiness:

  • they are naive and believe that nobody will harm them, but unfortunately they come crashing down from that cloud when it actually happens to them
  • having their trust broken sends them into the never ending spirals of despair.

Aries Unhappiness:

  • they lose their luster to go on if there is nothing there to challenge them
  • they long for a purpose in life, from their careers, love life, family, anything that would make them feel like they aren’t living up to their fullest potential.

Taurus Unhappiness:

  • they have a habit of shutting down almost instantly if they didn’t do a good job
  • they get distracted by various things that are going on in their lives which makes them feel obligated to take on more than can chew.

Gemini Unhappiness:

  • they prefer to have a very carefree approach to life and anything that would sully that feeling makes them unhappy
  • all that they want is to be free, they are always wanting the best out of life and they are willing to go the distance for that specific kind of happiness.

Cancer’s Unhappiness:

  • they feel unhappiness only when someone volatile comes into their life

Leo’s Unhappiness:

  • they are unhappy if thee become too lazy with their creativity, so they have to keep themselves active with whatever sparks their heart back to life.

Virgo’s Unhappiness:

  • they are always working themselves to death, so they are happy only when they achieve something the right way
  • they have to recognize when they have done their absolute best and when there is nothing else to be done

Libra’s Unhappiness:

  • they always want to find something new and that is why they have the feeling that they don’t really belong to anything or anyone which can be a very problematic emotion

Scorpio’s Unhappiness:

  • they are copying their friends activities, which can be a very dangerous thing as they can mimic toxic or volatile behaviors

Sagittarius Unhappiness:

  • they are unhappy when they do not have something to do routinely or daily. This makes them feel as if they are endlessly drifting from day to day without any purpose which can make them extremely depressed.

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