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If You’re Friends With A Leo, You Need To Know These 5 Things

Having a Leo as a friend is great, as Leos are some of the best people in the world. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are known as charismatic and passionate persons, they’re natural born leaders and have a lot of love to offer. But sometimes they tend to be impatient, territorial, and even jealous. If you know how to treat them, you will have a loyal friend for a lifetime.

See below what you should know when you are friends with the Leo:

1.      You have to be patient

Leos are sometimes inpatient, so you should have enough patience for the both of you. You will be appreciated if you get used with hearing the occasional roar of discontent because something is taking too long or not going fast enough.

2.      They are the most loyal sign

A Leo friend will be loyal forever. They will always support your goals and will sustain you in whatever you want to do. People will envy you for having such a good friend or partner.

3.      They are very generous

Leos always to take care of their friends and family. They are generous and like to offer presents and spend money on having fun with those they love. Your Leo friend will be the first who wants to help you if you ask for support.

4. They are always honest

Leos prefer to be straightforward and they are honest with you for your own sake. You will always receive a legitimate feedback or advice from your Leo friend. But pay attention, they expect the same attitude from their friends, so don’t ever betray them.

5.      They are territorial and maybe a little bit jealous. 

Leo tend to be territorial and sometimes they become jealous. You have to be gentle when be when you tell them you need a bit of space. But you should know that Leos don’t hang out with just anyone. If they’ve picked you, it means that they value you enough to bring you into the inner circle of their closest friends.

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