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Three Rustic DIY And Handcrafted Accents To Bring Warmth To Your Home Décor

Any interior style design looks better with some rustic accents sprinkled throughout your home.  This works whether your interior design is modern minimalist, traditional, classic or something in between. Handcrafted accents may be created by yourself, highlighting your personality and imagination. Here are some rustic DIY home decor ideas to inspire you.

·         Hand Painted Jars


All you have to do is take some old used jars and paint them to add a cute accent to your kitchen decor. Start by giving your jars three coats of teal acrylic paint in matte finish. After they dry overnight, distress them with 80 grit sandpaper. To paint the daisy petals, use a gloss enamel craft paint and a small brush. For the centers, use a high gloss paint and a small pointed brush. Once dry, you should gave them all a coat of clear spray finish in matte.

·         Wall Decorations


Fixing bottles and jars to the wall is a nice rustic accent and you can use them for flowers, plants, or even storage of small things.

Here is what you need:

  • Wood
  • 2 Small Mason Jars
  • 2 Hose Clamps – Lowes Plumbing Section
  • Drill & Screws

Here is how we made them:

We used a table saw to cut the wood to the desired length. I then buffed the edges on the concrete to remove any lose splinters and the rough edges. We had leftover walnut and my husband used a drill bit to drill a hole in the hose clamp and also went ahead and drilled a small hole in the wood where we would screw in the hose clamp. Then just tighten the hose clamp to fit the Mason jar here are your wall decorations!

·         Rustic Mason Jar Wall Lanterns


Bring old country style as the accent with candle lanterns to your home.

You need:

  • Planks of wood
  • Wood stain and stain applicator
  • A candle for each lantern
  • Stones to place under the candles in each lantern
  • Two mason jars
  • An awl or nail punch tool
  • Heavy duty twine
  • A package of steel hangers

Creating the lanterns:

I used the awl to put two holes in the top of each mason jar lid. You need to ensure these are directly across from each other horizontally or they’ll hang funny. Once I had the holes in place, I cut enough twine to put a double layer of twine into each hole and knot it on the underside of the mason jar lid. The length the twine needs to be to do this will vary based on the size of the wood you’re using, where you placed the hooks and how big the mason jar is. I simple put the twine through one hold, did a tight double knot and then put the twine through the other hole and placed the twin over the hook so see what length I needed to place the mason jar where I wanted it when it hung on the hook. Once the mason jars were ready to hang, I filled each one about a fourth of the way with rocks, placed the candles on top of the rock bed and then put a few more rocks in to “bury” half of the candle. Then I hung each plank on the wall using a nail and hung the mason jars. I was pretty pleased with the end result!

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