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The Surprising Reason You Have Wrinkles (And It Isn’t The Sun)

We all hate wrinkles no matter if you are a man or a woman and most of us believe that the major reasons why they appear on our face are sun exposure, improper care and, of course, aging. But did you ever hear about Glycation? Probably not. So, you should know that actually this is the major reason why our skin gets wrinkled and saggy. Glycation is essentially the caramelization of bodily tissue. Sounds a little bit comic, but this is the reality.

Glycation is a natural part of the aging process. Some people experience it sooner, others later. There are individuals who have only some few wrinkles on their face even if they have a reasonable age. How is this possible? Well, they are aware of a secret that others don’t know. Glycation is the chemical reaction which happens when sugars in the body attach to proteins in the body – and we have a lot of proteins and sugar naturally flowing in our body. This creates another feature of glycation called Advanced Glycation End Products or AGES (so appropriately named).

The causes of AGES are:

    • Intake of excess sugar (in all forms)
    • Excess carbohydrate intake – all forms
    • Food cooked at high temperatures (crispy, blackened foods)
    • Insufficient intake of veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits rich in antioxidants
    • A lack of supplements that can help prevent oxidized cells and glycation

Sugar or glucose plays a bigger role than sun when it comes to skin woes. Excessive intake of glucose in our body can cause damage on the long run. People who suffer from diabetes start noticing many age-related problems much sooner than others, if they don’t pay attention to their glucose levels. But this can happen to everyone who consumes too much glucose on the long term.

AGES doesn’t affect only our skin quality, but it has impact on our overall health, including cardiovascular issues, renal function and cataracts. Glycation can change the shape and function of tissues in our body. For instance, it can stiffen and harden arteries, simply through excess sugar circulating throughout the body.  In order to have optimal function of our heart we need flexible arteries and a flexible heart.  So, we should be very careful with the daily sugar intake, if we want to keep our body healthy and don’t look old when we are still young.

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