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Superhuman Vision For Everyone With This Miracle Lens!

Do you have vision problems? Do the glasses or the contact lenses bother you every single day? We might have great news for you! Imagine being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision without wearing glasses or contacts — even at age 100 or more!

This seems more and more possible with the help of a special bionic lens implanted in your eyes. This type of lens, called Ocumetics Bionic Lens, was created and developed by Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist from British Columbia, Canada.

“This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before. If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet away,” says Dr. Webb. He himself was wearing glasses since second grade and was working all his life to find a solution to replace glasses and corrective lenses. Since the lens is surgically implanted and replaces that of your natural eye, which decays over time, you will also never get cataracts. The surgery would take 8 minutes and could be performed to anyone older than 25.

The project has cost $3 million in research and development fees and has been in development for 8 years. The doctors all over the world are intrigued and excited about the results and they are looking forward for the trials to be performed.

“My heroes were cowboys, and cowboys just did not wear glasses,” Dr. Webb says.

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