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Stranger On Train Waits For Boy To Fall Asleep, Then Hands Single Mom A Note About Her Parenting

We are used to hear so many negative news every day that we seem to forget that there are so many kind souls around. Stories like this are shared to remind us that there is kindness in the world.

Loving Single Mom

Samantha Welch, a young woman in her twenties is a single mom. She is trying to do her best to provide everything to her little boy, Ryan, including a good education. In 2015, Samantha took her three-year-old kid on a train. As it was really busy, she sat him on her lap and tried to keep him occupied during the journey, playing games to general chitchat. At one point, Samantha was trying to teach Rylan a quick lesson in manners. When Rylan fell asleep, Samantha was giving him a warm cuddle. A man wearing a hat and glasses sat down near her and she was trying to make room for him and his baggage. Before getting off the train, the man stood up and said to Samantha: “I think you’ve dropped this out of your bag.” She was confused as she didn’t see anything dropping out of her bag, but she took the paper handled to her by the man. Soon, Samantha realized that she was right, she hadn’t dropped anything and he knew full well. But the man gave her a note and when she read the stranger’s words, she was so shocked to tears…Samantha looked at the paper in her hand and realized it was a handwritten note wrapped around £5 bill. Here is what the note contained:

“Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners.

PS: I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.”

The note was signed:” Man on train at table with glasses and hat.”

The Mystery Man

As she never had the chance to thank the mystery man, Samantha wanted desperately to find him. She and Rylan appeared on local talk shows to tell their story and track him down. In about a week, the generous mystery man was identified, making her happy. His name is Ken Saunders and he is 50 years old. He is a loving family man who has been with his partner for 16 years and has four stepsons. That day, on the train, he was on his way home from work at the National Health Service in England. As he confessed, he was overwhelmed at Samantha’s attempt to find him and thank him. He also said he was impressed watching Samantha and Rylan together. He was particularly touched by the way Samantha corrected Rylan’s manors, and how Rylan responded to his mom’s teachings with respect. “It made such a change compared to the maligned young people of today. “I thought, ‘She’s lightened up my night, I’m going to lighten up her night”, he told DailyMail.stran1

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