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Single for Too Long? Don’t Get Used to It!

Switching from being single to having a significant other might be difficult, especially after a long period of time of being alone. For many of us, being single means being free: free to do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to explain our actions.

But then, you meet somebody and that person seems to be more and more present in your life. And you suddenly realize you need to change your habits and convince yourself everything is fine.

This is a list of signs you’ve been single for too long, but also that you might need some time to get used to the new status:

  • You still prefer to spend some alone time
    You have plans to spend time together. Then, you suddenly realize you would rather do something by yourself: stay up late or wake up early, watch your favorite TV program.
  • You prefer sleeping alone
    Once used to sleeping alone and enjoying it, sharing the bed with someone else might feel quite uncomfortable. You no longer have the option to spread out as much as you want. Besides, the person next to you seems to constantly moving and waking you up.
  • You feel it’s too soon for him to leave his stuff at your place
    Even if you have already told him he can leave his comb or toothbrush in your bathroom, you still feel like they don’t belong there. Not yet. You feel annoyed because it is your place and you feel like suddenly this is not the case any longer. You want him in your life, but you’re not sure you want to give up some of your personal space.
  • You don’t feel like sharing your plans
    You are wondering: Why should you tell another person what your plans are for the weekend? You are so used to being independent, to do the things you like as they come, that it feel strange to need to tell some other person about that.
  • You are not yet ready to confide in someone
    When you are having a bad day, for example, your usual ritual is to just go home and dealing with things by yourself. When someone offers a shoulder to cry on, it feels weird at first. And it seems like you are not yet ready to share the bad things that happen to you. Learning to trust someone again with your problems takes time.

Entering a relationship after a long period of being single may be quite challenging, because of the habits you have set during that period. You might even not be aware of all those things, and you risk pushing someone great away because of them.

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