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Simple Trick Cracks The Code To Making Any DIY Projects

I’m Alex Grayson and I’m going to show you something that can completely transform the way you work on any DIY project, decorate your home or do woodwork. The best part is that this works perfectly even if you’re a first-timer (…).

How everything started

I work in the car industry as an engineer. I used to be the kind of kid that took apart his parents’ TV just to see how it works… along with the toaster, the fridge, and anything else I could get my hands on. That curiosity turned me into a part-time inventor and a couple of years ago I picked up a new hobby… woodworking… It started out as an escape, a way to relieve stress…And soon enough I became addicted to it. Now I even wake up early just so I can spend more time in my workshop (…).

Your personal wood carving machine

When I started out my first woodworking project it was a train-wreck. (…)All I had to do was make some wood cut-outs but I couldn’t. I tried to. Over and over again… Soon enough I was just fantasizing about quitting… I still don’t know why I didn’t…I must have spent hundreds of dollars on wood and hundreds of hours getting things wrong before I finally had moment of clarity. I was surfing online… desperately searching for instructions to improve my woodcarving technique… and I stumbled upon a video of some guy using a machine to carve-out ultra-precise details into wood. He called it a CNC machine and you can actually use it for any kind of woodwork. After a bit of investigating I started figuring out how it works and the truth is: it’s a pretty simple mechanism. See… CNC stands for computer numerical control which basically means you punch some numbers into a computer and those numbers command the machine to move exactly how you want it…In this case… it gives the machine the exact spots to carve onto. It might sound complicated but it really isn’t… imagine a sharp sculpting tool moving from front to back, left to right and up and down. Hook it up to a computer… and you’ll have a personal, ultra-precise wood carving machine that can spit-out unique, personalized pieces of woodwork.

Turn your dreams into reality with the DIY Smart Saw

It’s basically a Smart Saw. I like to call it that because you can create and design whatever your imagination can draw up just by pushing a button. Anything from wooden toys for your kids, to coffee-tables, shop signs, home decorations, engraved cigar boxes, picnic tables, racks, TV cabinets, desks, dog houses, even surf boards or guitars. You take a drawing and turn it from paper to wood just by pushing a button. Here’s why I was getting so excited about it:

  • With a Smart Saw there’s no room for error because it’s a 100% self-correcting device. It’s just like a master craftsman were standing right next to you… correcting you ahead of time so you’d never make a wrong cut.
  • You’ll never have to waste any precious time or any money on wood.
  • Instead of trying over and over again to get the measurements right or to make flawless cuts… you’ll create the perfect cut-out right from the very first try.
  • You’ll be able to make elaborate designs even if you’ve never touched a piece of wood before. Because the Smart Saw has incredible accuracy. It would take years of harsh training for a man to develop these skills. But the Smart Saw cuts out even the smallest details flawlessly.
  • A Smart Saw works 20 times faster than the human hand because it’s already programed and knows exactly what you’re going for. This means you can spend more time creating personalized, unique projects, transforming your hobby into a true passion.

Once you’ve made a design you can print it out as many times as you want and sell it. If your projects are good people will be lining-up and you’ll be able to transform your hobby into a real business. And finally… here’s the best part: The Smart Saw can work completely on auto-pilot. Just select your design whenever you have 5 minutes of spare time and let it go to work. 99% of your job ends after you pick your design. So sit back and relax or go about your daily routine till the Smart Saw prints out your project!

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