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This Is What Your Signature Says About Your Personality

The science that deals with interpreting handwriting exists since ancient times. The way your handwriting looks and especially your signatures can talk a lot about yourself. A special branch of handwriting analysis includes testing your signature, which is a more personal method of depicting a person’s writing. You may find below some examples to test your signature and to discover what it reveals about your personality.

  1. Using only initials

If you sign like this it means that you are a discrete person, who doesn’t share the personal life with others.

  1. Straight and legible signature

You are straightforward person, like your signature your personality is easy to read.

  1. Downward or upward slope

You are cautious person, and you analyze the risks making a change. An upward slope may suggest that you’re ambitious.

  1. Underlining or not your signature

Underlining your sign indicates self-importance. Not underlining means you let your achievements speak for themselves.

  1. Slanting towards right

This means that you are an extrovert.

  1. Illegible signature

This type indicates two things: a sharp mind and a busy lifestyle or a person who likes to portray an aura of mystery towards everything.

  1. First letter is a large capital letter

If the first letter of your signature is a large capital, you sometimes emphasize your self-esteem and you may become arrogant if not kept under check.

  1. Stylish signature

You may be a creative person or you like to make a statement about yourself.

  1. Using both first and last name

Clearly writing your first and last name shows a good sense of personal achievements.

  1. Upward turn at the end

This indicates a lot of optimism in your personality.

  1. Swooping letters

Confident persons usually have big swooping letters in their signature.

  1. A swish or flick at the end

You are endowed with wisdom and creativity.

  1. Putting a period at the end

A period at the end of the sign indicates leaderships’ skills.

  1. Avoiding dots on ‘I.’

You tend to focus on the bigger picture in your life.

  1. Using only the first name

If you sign only with your first name shows that you don’t like to be linked with your family’s achievements.

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