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Researchers Reveal 10 Things That Make Kids Happier

Psychologists consider that everything that happens to us during childhood has a huge impact upon our further development as adults. In the article today we are going to look at 10 scientifically proven tips that can help parents to offer a happy and healthy childhood to their children.

1. Offer Then Enough Play Time

According to experts, the primary responsibility of a kid is to play.  When they start school, children do have homework, but from toddler to adolescence, they should be given the freedom just to have fun. “Children learn the most important lessons in life from other children, not from adults…they cannot learn, or are much are much less likely to learn, in interactions with adults”, says Peter Gray, a child psychologist and professor at Boston College

2. Don’t Have Argument In Front Of The Children

Kid’s brains develop at an extraordinary rate during early childhood. Their delicate psychological state can be negatively affected when they hear about adult-like problems. This can make them worried and insecure. Children have to be protected by stressful conversations from adults.

3. Don’t Compare Your Children To Other Kids

Adults tend to compare their children with others or to point out desirable personality traits in another child. Researchers say that such comparative tendencies can adversely affect a child’s confidence and sense of self.

4. Teach The Benefits Of Negative Emotions

Dr. John Gottman at the University of Washington talks about adults’ tendency to address a child’s perceived “misbehavior” – their negative emotions – by doling out some punishment. His opinion is that a better way is to acknowledge the behavior by teaching the child that everyone experiences negative emotions, and finding ways to teaching the child how to deal with their emotions constructively. 

5. Show Them You Are Proud When They Make Efforts

When the child reaches the age when he or she discovers that hard work is needed to get ahead, it is important to recognize when the child pushes themselves to accomplish something.

  1. Respect Family Traditions

Child Development Institute explains that having regular family time induces five main benefits: the child feels important and loved; the child observes positive adult traits; adults learn more about their child’s weaknesses to guide them better; the child can verbalize their thoughts and feelings, and the parent and child develop a stronger bond.

7. Avoid Over-parenting

It is absolutely right that children require a certain amount of supervision. But sometimes, adults can overdo it by monitoring their every move. This “over-parenting,” is counterproductive to children development.

8. Let Children Have Individual Responsibilities

It is necessary for a child to recognize the consequences of abdicating responsibility. So, it is important to allow children to complete responsibilities (e.g. chores, homework) without micromanaging them.

9. Create Happy Memories

Two Harvard professors conducted a multi-experiment study and found that adults who recalled good childhood memories were happier and more benevolent adults.

10. You Should Be Happy Yourself!

When adults exhibit positive behavior, the child is more likely to reciprocate. Carolyn Cowan, a psychologist at the University of California says that: “children do not fare well if the adults aren’t taking care of themselves and their relationships.”



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