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Pretty Feet For All With Fake Toe Nails

Many women are not happy with their toenails and depend on artificial nails to feel comfortable all the time. But having your nails done at a salon takes time and requires money. That is why you are going to show you in this article the easiest procedure which will help you to use acrylic tips at home.

Artificial fingernails kits and artificial toenails kits are easily available in the market, in many colors, forms, pattern and designs. Acrylic tips are perfect, as they just stick on the end of the nails and make your entire look a lot more natural. Sticking fake toenails is similar to applying acrylic nails on your finger nails. Following these steps, you will succeeded having perfect toenails:

·         Step 1

nail extensions with gelFirst select your fake toenails ideally of your size and ensure the fake nails fit over your real nails. Then, clean and dry your natural nail bed properly.

·         Step 2

artificial nail care

Now put a small drop of glue on your toenails and press your nails firmly by holding it for about 20 to 30 seconds. Use acetone based nail remover if the glue gets onto your skin, but try to not over apply your glue. Otherwise, the nail will appear too thick.

·         Step 3

nail color for toe nails

Clean your nails properly. You can cut your nails and shape the free edges with a nail file.

·         Step 4

If you want to paint your nails, make sure you begin with applying a clear coat of base coat at the uncovered tip. Allow it to dry and then apply double coats of your solid colours or create your desired nail art.

When you want to remove your fake toenails, remember not to pull them off. What you have to do is to soak your nails in an acetone-based polish remover. This will loosen your nails absolutely in no time, so that you can remove them easily.

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