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Position of The Acne on Your Body Shows of Which Disease You Suffer!

Acne may appear on different parts of the body. Everywhere it lies it is bothering us, but what is important to know is that the location of acne talks about the health issues that we may have. There are more studies which reveal this. So, pay attention when you have such spots on our body and try to fix the problem from inside. In this article you will find out what kind of disease you may have according to the location of the acne on your body.

Zone 1: Hormonal issues

When acne appears on your chin and neck it is a sign that you have a problem with the adrenal gland or it may suggest that your body is bothered by excessive consumption of sugar and much stress.

Zone 2 and 3: Stress and low immunity

You have low immunity when you have acne on your shoulders. You should do something to offer yourself some relaxation and bring more peace in your life.

Zone 4: Digestive problems

If you are eating unhealthy food or you experience digestive problems, you may have acne on your chest.  The best thing you have to do is to take improve your diet by consuming more healthy food items.

Zone 5 and 6: Reduced level of vitamins

Acne on your arms shows that you are lacking some vitamins. Start a diet based on more fruits and vegetables, because artificial vitamins will not help you as much as the natural ones.

Zone 7: High levels of blood sugar

When you experience high level of blood sugar, your body will give you a sign through the appearance of acne on the stomach area. Try to quit eating white sugar and white bread and replace them with more fruits and vegetables.

Zone 8: Poor hygiene or STDs

Acne on the pubic area may be caused if you neglect hygiene for some time. But if you also have itching it can be a sign of sexually transmitted disease and you have to see a doctor.

Zone 9 and 10: Skin allergies

Acne on the upper legs and on the hips may signal that you are allergic to some cosmetic products or detergents.

Zone 11 and 12: Nervous and digestive problems

Acne that appears on your back may suggest that you don’t have a healthy diet. You probably eat a lot of food rich in calories. It may also mean that your brain is overloaded and you don’t sleep enough.

Zone 13 and 14: Unhealthy diet 

Digestive problems are also signaled by acne which affects the backside. You should try to eat more healthy food.

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