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Play The Video And See If It Is Good Or Bad To Have A Tendon Protrude Out Of Your Wrist!

An impressive evolution – biological and cultural – has brought the humanity to this point of being capable to do things that no other creature on Earth can do. The modern human being evolved from the ancestors with ape features. Intelligence, structure and functioning of the organs and systems that make up the human body and even our appearance has changed over time. Many physical and anatomical features are different these days. Proof of this can be found in the vestigial structures scattered throughout our bodies.

Vestigial structures are evidence of our evolution

Vestigial structures are “genetically determined structures or attributes that have apparently lost most or all of their ancestral function in a given species, but having been retained during the process of evolution”, according to Wikipedia. One specific example would be the coccyx, or the tail bone. Obviously, humans no longer have visible external tails since the current version of humans do not need tails to live in trees as earlier human ancestors did. However, humans still have a coccyx or tail bone in their skeletons. Other examples of vestigial structures include the appendix, goose bumps, wisdom teeth, tonsils, male nipples, and the outer ear. These vestigial organs are evidence of evolution and represent a function that was once necessary for survival, but over time that function became either diminished or nonexistent.

Make an experiment to see if you posses a vestigial organ

The video below helps you to see how you may have evolved by observing your palmris longus tendon. It can be palpated by touching the pads of the fifth finger and thumb whilst flexing the wrist. The tendon, if present, will be visible in the midline of the anterior wrist. All you have to do is to lay your arm on a flat surface with the palm faced up. Touch and press together your pinky finger and thumb and then raise your hand up at the wrist a little bit. The video shows you how to do this. If there is a raised band in the middle of your wrist, you may see this vestigial structure. You may have it on both of your arm, or you may miss it from both arms or it is possible to posses it only on one arm and lack it on the other. The muscle is absent in about 14 percent of the population; however, this number varies greatly in African, Asian, and Native American populations. If you’re missing it, there is no problem, because studies have shown that absence of this muscle does not have an effect on grip strength.

Now it’s time to check out the video for more interesting proves on how humans have evolved.

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