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Mom Says THIS Diet Cured Her Son’s Autism

Autism is a condition which affects over 3 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide, according to statistics.  Unfortunately, the mainstream health community acknowledges no cure for the disorder. But there is good news, too. There are researchers like Dr. Kenneth Bock who studied alternative treatments and discovered that gluten and dairy-free dieting may help in fighting this condition.

Ethan’s Story

Tracy mother told her story, because she wanted people to know this diet made wonders for her son, curing his autism altogether. Her son, Ethan, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6. “The diagnosis came after two years of living far down the rabbit hole, further than I could ever imagine. At that time, Ethan was not sleeping more than 2 hours a day and never in a row. He did not speak at all, and the only time I heard his voice was when he would scream in the middle of the night. During the hardest time of this journey, I was told by a social worker that I needed to accept that Ethan would need to be institutionalized by the time he was 5, and that he would never go to general education school, have a girlfriend or graduate from high school”, Tracy said. She was devastated, but didn’t give up. She finally found out about Dr. Bock’s work. Among his recommendations for children with autism was a simple tip: “Ditch the dairy and gluten”. Very soon she noticed some changes. Within three days of following that advice, her son slept right through the night. “Ever since then, he never had a problem,” she says. “There’s a major gut-brain connection in autism that I think is under-recognized,” Dr. Bock tells Fox News. On gluten and dairy’s effect on children with autism, he says, “You can take it out of the diet and sometimes you see these kids lose the glaze, they lose the fog, they stop their stimming and sometimes they actually say their first words.”

Which is the connection between diet and autism?

There are also other opinions that sustain this theory. As WebMD reports, some experts believe children with autism have a high sensitivity to gluten or casein, the protein in dairy. According to this theory, an autistic child’s brain treats those compounds like false opiates, impacting their social, cognitive and speech patterns. There are also studies that have observed elevated levels of peptides in autistic patients. Peptides react with gluten and dairy to produce those opiate-like effects. Tracy is now a proud ambassador for autism awareness and this rather peculiar treatment method. And other parents are also reporting success after switching their autistic kids to a gluten and dairy-free diet. If you want to learn more about the diet-autism connection, watch the video below to hear the explanations given by Tracy Fox and Dr. Bock.

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