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This Man Has Been Homeless For 7 Years, But After His Makeover? His Transformation Is Incredible

The story of Marine Donald Gould is inspiring for everyone. The fifty one year old man was a homeless for the past seven years, spending all day long playing on a public piano. His life totally changed when somebody shot a video with him playing the piano for passer-bys. He was just expressing himself without asking anything for his performance. The video immediately went viral on the internet.

After watching him on YouTube, a group of people decided give him a hand and contribute to his transformation. They offered him a makeover of his appearance, but actually they succeeded to turn his life upside down.  He was helped to get a new wardrobe and he was conducted to a barber shop for a haircut and a fresh shave. He admitted that he couldn’t visit the barber in the last eighteen months, because of his living conditions. But the most amazing think that his rescuers could do for Gould was to obtain for him something more lasting than a haircut or some new clothes.

People decided to make him realize that he was endowed with a special gift that should offer him a decent living. They succeeded to highlight his amazing musical abilities and obtained him a job to play the piano at a local restaurant. Regaining his self-esteem, he was able to take over again and have a new start in life. His first wish is to reconnect with his estranged son, who was taken from him after his life ruined following the death of his wife. He is hoping with all his heart that another miracle may happen.

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