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How To Make Your Own DIY Indoor Cat Garden

In our family, Orion and Pete, our two cats, are actually family members and I want to make sure they are happy and healthy. They were both shelter cats who had been declawed by their previous owners and they can’t go outside to experience grass and outdoor plants. That is why I wanted to bring the outdoors in for them and I made them an indoor cat garden. Here is what I did.

Special garden for my cats

I picked up the obvious cat grass (wheatgrass), fresh catnip, and catnip seed pods as well as some rosemary, parsley, and mint. I found a pot that was low and heavy that my cats can’t knock over and had enough surface area for me to get creative with plant placement as well as some decorative elements to make my indoor cat garden a more welcome addition to my home. I added some rocks to my plants and also some animal figurines. In a separate pot, I planted the catnip seed pods. They go right on top of the dirt and if kept moist, they will sprout in about a week. I know Orion and Pete are going to love having more fresh catnip to munch on. If I’m lucky I might even get a cuddle of thanks or two out of them.

Avoid plants that are toxic for cats

But Pete likes to eat plants. So, you should know that some common houseplants and flowers that are toxic to cats are lilies, philodendron, aloe, begonia, and poinsettia. It is best practice to check if a particular plant is toxic to your cats before bringing it home or put it in a hanging planter that your cats can’t get to. So, try to keep dangerous houseplants and flowers out of our house if you have cats.


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