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She Lost 50 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks Only By Doing This Every Night Before Going To Bed

If you want to lose some pounds and you are a busy woman much, who doesn’t have time for a strict eating routine you should try the new diet called Flat Belly Overnight eating diet. It was proved to be a helpful way to lose weight, truly overnight, while you rest. This method was revealed by the famous trainer Andrew Raposo, who has been using it of himself for a long time.

Belly fat is the most annoying problem

Andrew discovered that his diet functions for other people too, when his sister managed to get rid of the extra pounds using the same method. His sister had a problem with weight for many years and she tried many diets and started exercising, but nothing worked. She was convinced that physical activity and diet are the only way to lose weight. No matter what she did, she was unable to get rid of fat in specific parts of her body.  Belly fat was the most bothering from all. She developed health problems because of her belly fat, being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables are not always beneficial when you want to lose belly fat

Due to their hormones change, women over 40 years old find it more difficult to melt that belly fat. Women try different diets and start exercising regularly, eat a lot of fruit and vegetable and reduce calorie intake, hoping lose weight easily. But they don’t take into consideration that many fruit and vegetables are treated with pesticides and toxic chemicals, so they can make more harm than bring benefits. Many of us don’t know that fruits can affect our ability to lose weight. Fruit and vegetable can increase the levels of leptin and cortisone and reduce the fat burning hormones and you have fewer chances to burn fat. Getting older, you start reducing calorie intake, your body loses the energy sources and it slows down the metabolism.  That makes it harder to remove the belly fat.

She lost 8 pounds in the first 24 hours

Flat Belly Overnight is different than other weight loss programs due to the fact that includes guides on how to minimize these negative effects. Amy Raposo, Andrew’s sister, had a diabetes type 2 and a stroke. That is why Andrew advised her to try his program, with some little changes, according to her needs. He was amazed to see that his sister lost 8 pounds in the first 24 hours! Amy included 3 minute exercise per day, diet changes and started using spices and herbs. She started eating a lot of food that speeds the metabolism and short excursive stimulated the process of calorie burning. The herbs helped her body to reduce the toxins and free radicals. Shortly, Amy managed to normalize her sugar and blood pressure levels. Amy’s results encouraged Andrew to share his method with other people and help lots of women over the world.

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