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Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny With These Tips From New York Experts

The beauty and the health of your hair start with the way you are washing it. Do not ignore any stage of the correct care and learn how to effectively wash your hair so that it looks flawless, healthy and shiny. The first step is to choose a shampoo that is recommended for your hair type: oily, dry, thin, electrified or colored hair. You must do this in order for the active ingredients in shampoo to act depending on the capillary follicles’ type. Then you have to take care and use correctly the washing technique. If you don’t know to do this, you may learn from this article. There are a few tips that were provided by the best hair experts in New York.

  • Start by rinsing your hair.

Wet your hair with warm water to help cuticle of the hair to open. This step is important for cleansing the hair from any product or dirt in it. Moreover, rinsing the hair with warm water will loosen the natural oils through the scalp and the open pores will allow the oil in the conditioner to be absorbed.

  • If you have long hair use a conditioner before shampooing it.

Long-haired means that your hair is beneath your shoulders. If this is your case, you should apply a conditioner and rinse before using a shampoo. This will protect the fragile ends of your hair from further damage and dryness and will keep the ends healthy and will fill the holes in the cuticle with moisture.

  • Shampoo your hair at the scalp only.

Apply shampoo on the hair and massage gently with fingertips. You should apply shampoo at the scalp only, because this part is closest to the scalp and this area is the oiliest. On the other side, the ends of the hair and the most fragile, driest and oldest part of the hair. If you wash your hair frequently, do not use too much shampoo, because in time it will destroy the capillaries of the hair. There is no need to shampoo your hair twice. You may do this only in case your hair is extremely dirty.

  • Use gentle movements with your fingers.

You have to wash your hair very gently and carefully. The first moves, when you start shampooing the roots have to give just a little bit pressure. Use vertical strokes. This will stimulate hair growth and blood flow. Circular motions can tangle the hair, so avoid these movements. Continue lathering up towards the ends in a straight stroke. Don’t do back and forth motions or scrubbing because you can damage the fragile ends.

  • Apply conditioner from middle-length to tips and never on the roots.

After shampooing, rinse your hair, squeeze the water out of the hair and apply the conditioner. Use a hair clip to hold your hair until you are done showering and rinse at the end. The conditioner will be absorbed better if it stays on longer. Don’t use conditioner on the roots of your hair.

  • Use cold water for the final rinse

You may rinse your hair with warm water, but a cold rinse will shut the cuticles and make your hair shiny.

Tips for each hair type

– Oily hair

Oily hair means too much sebum production, which irritates the scalp. What you need to do is wash your hair on a regular basis, but gently, to avoid irritating the scalp more. Every time you wash your hair, massage your scalp to remove impurity from the base of the hair and to adjust the pH of the skin.

– Dry hair

Dry hair means that your body does not produce enough sebum, which keeps the follicles open and the hair becomes coarse, instead of being soft. In this case, your scalp and hair need hydration. Use moisturizing masks, conditioner on hair length and nourishing oils (olive oil, coconut oil) to the scalp.

– Colored hair

Once colored, hair becomes more sensitive and needs special treatment. Use special shampoos for colored hair to keep its color and shine.

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