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Just A Touch Of Love

We all love cats and there are some really cute ones out there. Take a break from what you are just doing and offer yourself a minute break to admire them! A round up of the latest great cat pictures will make you smile and you will want to share this post immediately with your friends.

Don’t sleep, let’s play!


This beautiful Russian Blue has a really icy look!

Russian blue beaut

Isn’t this the cutest cat you have ever seen?

grey cutie copy 3

That’s about the size of it!

stupid mistakes lol

Hello, little fellow!

hi there copy

Now it’s time for a Jacuzzi session!  

Jacuzzi time

I’m a ginger cat and I am not afraid of snow!  

ginger in snow

Just a touch of love…

just a touch of love

Mother knows what’s best for her little kitten!

knows whats best

What can be more fun than lazing on a sunny afternoon?


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