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Ingenious DIY Decor Tricks You’ve Never Thought Of

There are some DIY decor projects that are so easy to be accomplished that when you discover them you are astonished that something like this didn’t cross your mind before. The following DIY home decor tips and tricks are so simple and they solve some problems in your home. Just have a look on them and you will know immediately that we are right!

·         Missing Socks Sign


I’m sure that a missing sock is always an issue in any home. Here is a brilliant wall decor idea to solve this problem! You just need a piece of wood 3/4″ thick, which you should cut to 11 by 10 inches. You may add one coat of paint, just to make it look nice and then you may cut the lettering. After that, pre-drill a small hole in some pegs and then screw them into the board. Makes two small holes in your wall and hang the plague. I put mine in our bedroom – because that’s where I sort the laundry and always seem to end up with my singles!

·         Tin Can Organizer


If you are looking for a way to organize your kitchen utensils there is an amazing idea. This thin can organizer will offer a chic style to your kitchen and it is extremely useful. You need 6 cans without lids and paint cans inside and outside with your favorite color. Then choose a piece of wood and paint and paint it the same color. With a thick nail and a hammer, drill a hole in the can for threading the screw. Place the cans stuck in place that will be screwed. Mark the location of the hole in the wood with a pen or pencil. Drill the 6 holes in wood using a hammer and nail and then place screws into the holes of a can, then screw it on the wood piece. Repeat with all the cans. Screw a handle after making the hole with nail and hammer and you have your great kitchen utensils’ organizer.

·         Ladder Shelves

This is another great DIY idea which is impressive through the simplicity of this design. Besides, these shelves add a rustic accent to your home décor.


You need:

  • A ladder
  • Pine planks cut to incremental sizes. I had for two at 1.2m (48 inches), then 1m (40 inches), 80cm (30 inches) and 60cm (23 inches) for the top.
  • L  brackets (2 x the number of planks you have)
  • Screws
  • A drill

How to do your ladder shelves:

  • Stand your ladder up in the place you want it to sit in your house.
  • Slide all the pine planks onto the cross beams of the ladder, making sure to stagger the size as you go up.
  • Press the L brackets up against the ladder cross beam and the plank and use a drill to secure them.
  • Fill your shelves up with your favorite décor items.

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