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How to Dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Even Depression in Less than 5 Minutes!

Did you know that there`s an ancient Japanese technique which has been proven more efficient than any antianxiety or antidepressant! The best part is that it only takes you 5 minutes to learn and practice it! You can use this practice even at the office when you feel a bit overstressed.


The name of the practice is Jin Shin Jyusu. No special equipment is required. All you need are your own two hands. Jin Shin Jyusu is a way of accessing the body’s own capacity to heal itself by harmonizing and balancing itself. It was brought from Japan to North America in the 1950s by Mary Burmeister, a Japanese-American who had been studying there with the originator Jiro Murai.

Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine is based on a different geography of the body than Western medicine. An invisible circulatory system made up of pathways called meridians carries life energy (chi or lei) to every part of the body. When these pathways are disrupted or blocked, the ciruclation of life energy is compromised and health problems and/or pain occur.

Many energy pathways run through the fingers. When we harmonize the fingers, we can begin to harmonize the entire ciruclation of life energy in our bodies. The finger holds are very easy. All you need to do is hold a finger on the left or right hand with the other hand. It’s a way to instantly feel more relaxed and at peace.


1. Hold your THUMB for a few minutes with your other hand to eliminate WORRY and DEPRESSION.

also helps with: digestion, stress, tension in head, shoulders and lungs.

2. Hold your INDEX FINGER to eliminate FEAR and SELF-CRITICISM.

also helps with: jaw, teeth, gums, constipation/digestion, bursitis/tennis elbow, backaches.

3. Hold your MIDDLE FINGER to eliminate ANGER and IRRITABILITY.

also helps with: general fatique, eyes/vision, nursing mothers, headache in front of head, indecision.

4. Hold your RING FINGER to eliminate SADNESS and GRIEF.

also helps with: respiratory functions incl. asthma, skin conditions, ringing in the ear, excessive mucus, negative attitude.

5. Hold your LITTLE FINGER to eliminate ANXIETY.


also helps with: heart conditions, bloating.

The more often you hold a finger, the more effective it will be.

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