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Here’s How Your Birth Order Affects Your Personality

Most of us agree that family positioning has a great impact on someone’s life. In 2009, a study conducted by Joshua Hartshorne, psychology professor at Boston College and her team, brought evidence that there are several factors which count in a person’s development, one of them being the birth order. Let’s see how this influences our life, according to the specialists.

  1. Firstborns

Dr. Frank J. Sulloway considers that firstborns are natural leaders, being ambitious and responsible people. This is a consequence of the fact that firstborn children often to become ‘surrogate parents’ when their siblings arrive. They also tend to be more intelligent than their brothers and sisters, being discovered in a Norway study that they have two or three more IQ points than the next child in the family.

  1. Middle Children

According to Dr. Catherine Salmon, middle children develop skills that offer them the ability to negotiate, because they have neither the rights of the oldest child or the privilege of the youngest. They also become very sociable, as they tend to be social butterflies. As their parents are more concerned about the oldest or youngest child, they’re often forced to rely on friends.

  1. Babies

Dr. Catherine Salmon explains that the youngest child in the family is generally a charming, free-spirited risk-taker person. “Parents are more lenient, so youngest kids tend to be less rule-oriented, and yet they still get lots of attention,” Salmon says.

  1. Only Children

Like firstborns only children tend to be ambitious and responsible. This is because of the constant pressure that falls on their shoulders; there’s no one else to make the family proud so they have to deal with everything in this regards. As all their parents attention is directed towards them, only children tend to be more motivated and successful than kids with brothers or sisters.

Share your thoughts with us, either if you think that the psychologists’ findings are accurate or if your opinion is that they are not right!

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