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Get Rid Of The Unhealthy Thoughts About Yourself!

All of us have a long and interesting journey through life. Therefore it is vital to know how to prevent hurting ourselves. We all have habits that sometimes stop our evolution, things that we are not aware of most of the times. Such habits give us the feeling that whatever we do is in vain. Here are some of this things that you should stop doing to yourself:

  1. Stop trying to be something you’re not. – Stop copying habits just because others seem to be interesting. Stop living someone else’s life or act in a way that is not proper for you. Inspire yourself from others with the best things you can find. Take what you think will enrich your life – ideas, thoughts, concepts, suggestions – and ignore the rest. Decide what you want to be and be that something. Just because someone is different, does not mean that you have to be the same. Stand out from the others.
  2. Stop living your life for someone else. – No matter for whom you sacrifice your life, this is not good for anyone. The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.
  3. Stop trying to keep everything under your control. – What is happening around us is composed of both events that we can change and others that are not under our control. We have a so-called area of influence, which includes what we can change, but we cannot change everything. You will always have issues you cannot influence. Choose, therefore, to keep control over what you significantly can influence in your life and give freedom to the others.
  4. Stop trying to fool yourself. – Not being honest with ourselves is ridiculous. Primarily because we have a duty to respect and love ourselves until the last moment that we breathe. And then we cannot lie to ourselves because we always know the truth. It is enough to look in the mirror, to realize that we lie. If you make mistakes, accept them and mow forward.
  5. Stop ignoring the charm of small moments. – The desire to achieve more overlooks the little things around us. But in the end life is not only about special moments, but also about tiny pleasant moments. The “small” moments have their charm. Find a balance between great and small moments. The charm lies in the little things and brings special satisfaction.
  6. Stop spending time with people who don’t deserve your attention. – Life is too short to spend time with people who don’t bring joy and happiness.  And don’t forget that true friends are those who stand beside when you are not doing well, not those who stand by your side when you’re at your best.
  7. Stop clinging to the past. – Today is time to define who you will be and where you will get tomorrow. Today is the first step towards the person you will become over the years. Yesterday gave us life experience, but we have to live all our remaining days.
  8. Stop wanting to be perfect for others sake. – Nobody is perfect and if know you’re not perfect, if you make mistakes, if you have flaws it is not a big deal? Do you really think that others care so much for your mistakes? Does it really matter what other people think about you?
  9. Stop trying to buy happiness. – Happiness is the eternal star that we follow. Happiness is ultimately what most people seek and what lies behind everything we do. Finally we do everything we do day by day to become happy although the idea of happiness means something different for everyone. But you cannot buy happiness. It stands in everything that you do. You just have to realize that.

Stop living for some time in the future. – Live your life today and now. Nothing is better than the present moment. Don’t project yourself in the future, because you will lose the whole life show.

Source: http://www.abundancepedia.com/articles/get-rid-unhealthy-thoughts/




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