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How Your Fingers Can Predict Everything

We all know that it is said that men with long fingers are considered to have other long extremities, too. You probably ask yourself if this is the real truth or it is just a mere myth. Some studies showed that this supposition is real. According to a recent university research in South Korea research, men with longer ring fingers also have larger testes, which mean that they are more likely to enjoy higher fertility.

Specific traits of persons with longer ring finger

Testosterone exposure in the womb in the second trimester is the key, according to the experts. A ring finger that is significantly longer than an index finger is a sign that someone was exposed to a high amount of testosterone before birth. And this is not only about men. Women exposed in the womb to high testosterone levels can also have special personality traits. For example, athletic people or someone who loses his or her temper easily experienced this exposure while in womb.  Handsome and successful men are also known to be powered by higher testosterone levels.

Verbal aggression, risky behavior and osteoarthritis of the knees may occur

There are some inconveniences, too. A risk factor for their health may be osteoarthritis of the knees, which usually manifest more in those who have higher testosterone levels. These people may be characterized by verbal aggression and they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, even with sexual tendencies.  Science is more and more fascinating. Even if more research is needed to clarify these suppositions, it is really amazing to think that someone can look at your fingers and figure out what was going on in your mom’s body while you were a fetus!

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