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Feeling a Bit Down? Here`s what to Tell Yourself every day to be Happy and Enjoy Life!

Conversations are part of our daily lives. We talk to a lot of people in the course of the day, whether we’re ordering our morning coffee, participating in meetings at work, or even just sending out emails. When you talk to people, more or less you’re aware of the vibe you’re sending out.a


You use different tones, you choose your words, and you adjust to who you you’re talking to in order to get your message across. That is the right way to communicate.

Sometimes we forget that we also need to know how to communicate with ourselves.

There are things that we need to say to ourselves that will help us face every day with our heads a little higher and our hearts a little lighter.

I am beautiful

It’s always flattering when we receive compliments about our looks, especially on days when we feel a little under par with our standards.

We can also try being the bearer of good news by telling ourselves that we are beautiful. Yeah, it feels great hearing it from others, but it also does wonders for our soul when we acknowledge our own beauty.

You have to see your own glow before you can truly radiate it for others to see.

I am good

When you believe in yourself and the goodness in your heart, it’s easier to make it even truer.

Telling yourself that you are good will help keep you such.

It’s different when you just know it, and when you voice it out or you affirm its truth.

When you say it out loud, it becomes bolder, and it becomes the ruling principle of everything that you do.

I am strong

To get yourself psyched and ready to take on your day, you need to tell yourself that you’re strong and capable of meeting deadlines, overcoming hurdles, and basically ready for anything that comes along!

If you wake up feeling tired or defeated from yesterday’s difficulties, then you’re already miles behind even before your day starts.

But if you start it right, with thoughts of being at your best, armed and at the ready, then nothing can get you down.

I am enough

Sometimes we can get a bit insecure, especially when we see that there are people busier than us, doing more things with their lives than we are, and those Facebook feeds show us lives of our friends that we’d kill to live.

But the thing is, we are more than capable of getting that for ourselves.

We have what it takes to manifest the life that we want. And it starts with positive thinking!

Tell yourself that you are equipped to get chosen for your dream job.

You are wonderful and someone will soon find out just how great you are and fall in love with you. Anything your heart desires can come true if you believe that you can make it come true.





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