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Everything Is Written On Your Face: Your Facial Profile Tells What Kind Of Person You Are!

There is a science, called Physiognomy, which deals with human characteristics based on people’s physical appearances. The name of this science comes from the Greek words physis- nature and gnosis-knowledge and was mentioned for the first time by Aristotle in his writings. The ancient philosopher believed that a person has characteristics of a specific animal to which he/she reminds with his/her look. Sometimes when we meet a person for the first time we simply like or dislike him or her, without any rational explanation. Physiognomy has an answer for this. Physiognomists analyze the facial profiles to discover and read characteristic lines of people. Today, this science is used to find out specific types of people considered suitable to be employed in different fields, such as police, big corporations and other institutions.

There are 3 facial profiles: convex, vertical and concave. You may read below what type of person you are according to your facial profile:

  • Convex profile: the upper jaw and lip are forward, the chin is inward

People with this facial profile are very practical, good observers, interested in facts, remarkable speakers. They are full of energy, impulsive, impatient. As they are quick, capable and practical, they prove to be good workers. They approach everything with great enthusiasm and believe in success. These people are very capable of taking care about others, they are dedicated and supportive. They enjoy new experiences and they are able to take the right decision quickly. Their flaws are their impatience and their lack of concentration. As they enjoy talking so much, they are not careful listeners.

  • Vertical profile: these people usually have high hopes.

These people generally seem to be very calm, but they may be very stubborn in their persistence. They never accept to be defeated. They are extremely curious, always searching for the true meaning and essence of things. Also, they are highly rational, cold blooded and very frank. They complete everything that they begin, even if they have to drastically give up on something.

  • Concave profile: the lower jaw and the lower lip is forward, prominent forehead.

People having this facial profile are slower in action, thoughts and speech. They like to meditate they enjoy philosophizing about everything. They are very patient, loyal and reliable. These people are calm and good tempered, but sometimes they prove to be unpractical. They always control themselves, but they can appear depressive or tired to others. They are influential and good organizers and they have a great memory. Moreover, they are very loyal friends.

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