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Detox Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, And Mint Water That Can Burn Fat In A Jiffy

If you are one of those persons who tried many diets to lose some extra pounds, this post is for you! You probably noticed that not all programs and diets were effective, because not everything we try for weight loss works the same for all of us. But this one proved to be extremely efficient to get rid of stubborn fat! We are talking about infused water that proved to be the best bet for many! Besides, it is easy to make, it is full of vitamins and minerals, and can be consumed whenever you want.  Here is the recipe we suggest you to try:

Detox Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, And Mint Water


  • 1 medium-sized lime
  • 1 large lemon
  • 1 medium sized cucumber
  • A handful of mint leaves
  • 1 mason jar


  • Wash all ingredients.
  • Slice the lime, lemon, and cucumber in round slices.
  • In a bowl of water add mint and the lime, lemon and cucumber slices and set it to boil.
  • Transfer the infused water (along with the slices) to the mason jar and enjoy your drink.


1.      Detoxifies Your Body

This water can clean your system of all the unwanted and unnecessary entities present.

2.      Aids Weight Loss

Lemon curbs hunger pangs, while cucumbers are rich in water and very low on calories, being the perfect diet for those who aspire to lose weight.

3.      Improves Digestion

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make your digestive system function better. The refreshing and cooling properties of mint are able to soothe your tummy.

4.      Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C in lemon and lime will boost your immunity, keeping coughs, colds, or flues away.

5.      Reduces Joint Pain

Cucumber contains silica, which boosts joint health. Consuming your infusion on a daily basis will give you relief from joint pains.

6.      Helps With Hangovers

This miracle-drink also acts as an amazing hangover cure as the vitamin C in the lemon and lime, and the B vitamins in the cucumber can replenish your cells and fill you with new energy, while mint helps you regain your feelings.



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