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How To Cut Your Dog’s Nails (Without Being Afraid)

Cutting dog’s nails is not necessary for all dogs. If your dog walks and plays on rough surfaces, your pet will wear them down naturally and then you may not have to cut his/her nails. But if this is not one of his or her daily habits, then your dog needs a pedicure from time to time. Most dogs need a trim every two-four weeks. I must say, my doggies’ nails aren’t that bad. I’ve been clipping their nails since they were puppies so they’re pretty used to it. But some dogs will kick and scream and that makes people nervous and worried.

Why Nail Trims Are Necessary?

When you hear your dog’s nails tapping on the floor, it’s time for a nail trim. When a dog’s nails tap on hard surfaces, it pushes their nail back up into their nail bed, which is extremely painful and it can put pressure on your dog’s toe joints. This can also force your dog’s toes to twist to the side, resulting in soreness or even arthritis.

What’s Inside Your Dog’s Nails?

Underneath your dog’s nail is a quick, which provides the blood supply to the nail. You should never cut the quick as this leads to bleeding and it is extremely painful for your dog. If your dog has white nails, it’s pretty easy to spot the quick from the nail’s side. If your dog has black nails, though, you will not be able to see the quick. This makes the nail harder to trim.

What Tools Do You Need?

  • Good quality dog nail clippers
    • Scissors-style clippers or Guillotine-style clippers
    • OR a Dremel
  • Styptic powder/ Cornstarch
    • This will help clot the quick and stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut too far.
  • Nail file

How To Cut White Nails?

1) Hold your dog’s paw firmly, but gently.

2) Place clippers around the tip of your dog’s nail.

3) Double check the clippers aren’t on top of the quick.  If you’re in the clear, snip off the tip of the nail.

4) If your dog’s nail starts bleeding, immediately press some styptic powder on the tip.  The styptic powder will help the quick clot.

5) Don’t forget to cut the dewclaws (if your dog has them).

6) Lightly file your dogs’ nails. This will help eliminate any sharp edges.

7) Finally, reward your dog with treats and affection!

Cutting Black Nails

Cutting a dog’s white nails is typically done with one cut per nail, but that’s not necessarily the case for black nails. Here is a great video that highlights cutting black nails.

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