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How To Clean The Feet With Baking Soda

If you use the remedy you will find in this article you will have perfect feet without visiting a beauty salon. This solution is very efficient and cheap. Besides, you will avoid spending money on expensive treatments, because you should know that you can clean your feet with the help of just one ingredient. This amazing ingredient is baking soda. Read below and follow the instructions and you will be extremely happy with the result.



  • 4–5 liters water.
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda


  • Pour lukewarm water in a proper recipient.
  • Dissolve the baking soda and soak your feet for about 15–20 minutes.
  • Next, use a pumice stone to scrub your feet.
  • In the end, apply nourishing cream or Vaseline
  • Put on cotton soaks after you have applied the treatment.

You will notice the results right after the first treatment, but keep applying the remedy every day for seven consecutive days and then take one-week break. After that, you can repeat this treatment one more time.



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