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How The Blood Type Is Linked To A Proper Diet And What To Eat

The blood type diet or BTD was created in 1996 and also published by Peter J. D’Adamo, ND. Its main idea was that “eating right for your type” helps you stay” healthy, living longer & also achieving your ideal weight” (Putnam, 1996). In this article we want to find out if this theory still stands true.

My personal experience demonstrated this theory. When I was a kid, I disliked meat and later, in college, I became a vegan. But I started to have health problems like hand rash, or hip pain, congestion, aches in joints, dandruff and dry skin. I visited doctors, but the treatments made me feel even worse. Then, I’ve met Gina T. Ogorzaly, DC, chiropractor and cofounder of Diamondback Wellness Center, New Mexico Albuquerque. I told her my blood type right away, O positive and she already knew what to do.She said I need to eat veggies and red meats mostly and avoid the grains and wheat. The type 0 is a hunter, a meat eater. I was stunned. Meat? Me? No way! Even if she was right, what now? I would more likely suffer, than eat meat! But that was a no-no situation. I was not a martyr and I needed to keep my health. And so I started to eat that way. This was too much to handle for me, so I made many mistakes. Defrosted the wrong way, trimmed bad, also spices all wrong, cooking zero.  But as I adjusted my diet, I gained more energy, my skin was not dry anymore and I had decent sleep. Finally, the body thanked me.


In the book of D’Adamo’s, Type 0 the Hunter, it is said that the 0 are carnivores. The A is Cultivator, since they are more into agricultures. The B or Nomad were into herding, and AB as the Enigma are a mix of B and A.

  • TYPE 0

Recommended foods: lamb, beef, venison, bluefish, salmon, cod, sardines, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, adzuki, pinto beans, spinach, chard, kale, artichoke, turnip, broccoli, plums, figs, prunes.

Foods to be avoided:  pork, goose, lox, caviar, cheese, octopus, kidney beans, lentils, navy beans, peanuts, flour, pistachios, wheat, eggplant, avocado, potato, corn, cabbage, blackberry, orange, coconut, strawberry.

  • TYPE A

Recommended foods: cod, salmon, sardine, soy milk, pumpkin seed, peanuts, black beans, lentils, rice, oats, rye flour, artichoke, onion, carrot, tofu, pumpkin, spinach, cranberry and blueberry, cherry, pineapple.

Foods to be avoided: pork, red meat, duck, goose, cheese, bison, pheasant, cashews, brazil nuts, lima and kidney beans, garbanzo, four, cabbage, wheat, eggplant, potato, peppers, yams, bananas, coconut, orange and cantaloupe.

  • TYPE B

Recommended foods: rabbit, lamb, cod, venison, founder, halibut, mahimahi, cottage cheese, feta, kidney beans, millet, navy beans, rice bran, rice flour, oats, broccoli, beets, carrot, eggplant, pepper, yam, banana, grape, orange, plum, pineapple.

Foods to be avoided: chicken, pork, quail, clam, duck, lobster, crab, blue cheese, sea bass, ice cream, cashews, pistachio, peanuts, sesame, lentils, black beans, garbanzo, amaranth, wild rice, cornmeal, rye, wheat, artichoke, avocado, corn, pumpkin, olives, tofu, tomato, pomegranate, coconut and rhubarb.


Recommended foods: rabbit, lamb, tuna, turkey, trout, mahimahi, sardines, cod, mozzarella, feta, ricotta, peanuts, green lentils, walnuts, navy beans, rice, millet, wheat flour, oats, beets, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, kale, eggplant, yam, tofu, grapes, cherries, cranberries, kiwi, lemon, grapefruit.

Foods to be avoided: chicken, pork, beef, goose, lamb, flounder, haddock, lobster, butter, parmesan, ice cream, provolone, blue cheese, seeds, adzuki, kidney and black beans, buckwheat, artichoke, cornmeal, corn, avocado, pepper, radish, coconut, banana and orange.

Source: http://www.abundancepedia.com/articles/blood-type-linked-proper-diet-eat/?hvid=5scs4X




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