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Act Like A Leader: Help Others Succeed. Build Strategic Alliances. Know Yourself.

Different companies and organizations tried over the years to find a pattern for training good leaders. There are no universal truths regarding leadership qualities and not everyone with management skills may become a successful leader. But there are some general behaviors that are common among people who act like leaders. See below some of them:

  1. Help others become successful

Leadership is not about you, but about helping others become successful and smoothen their way though obstacles, such as excessive bureaucracy, interpersonal conflicts, uncertainty and toxic cultures. When people you work with feel powerful and have sufficient autonomy to exercise some control over their work, you will be able to obtain the best from them.

  1. May sustain and explain a powerful vision

Great leaders have certain strategies and are able to communicate to their team a powerful vision. It is important for people to know the concrete reason of working, in order to may be ready to commit totally in their work.  They also need to know that their efforts are appreciated. For this, leaders should master strategic storytelling — the ability to create, in simple and inclusive language, specific inspiring images that engage the emotions, tap into people’s values and dreams, and clearly connect their hard work and day-to-day activities to a better future.

  1. Can provide positive results

Real leaders are able to associate people in their team toward a common goal. They can highlight people’s abilities in order to deliver positive results. They focus on finding opportunities that enable them to make important decisions.

  1. Create alliances through strategic networking

Leading means influencing, wining support for change efforts and innovative ideas, and to do so from a multitude of stakeholders both internal and external to an organization. Efficient leaders accomplish their goals by creating a strong network of allies and supporters, looking beyond their immediate circle of influence. They also try to find common interests with strangers who can provide solutions on complex problems. They invest their time and money to build trust.

  1. Enhance self-awareness and self-monitoring

Leaders who aspire to self-monitor should develop self-awareness, not just around our strengths and weaknesses but around other powerful internal drivers such as personal preferences, desires, fears, resistance and other myriad habits. They have to use their knowledge in the moments when it really counts.

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