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9 Things You Need To Know About People Who Conceal Their Depression

Depression doesn’t mean simply being sad. It is the chronic and systematic overwhelming feeling of dread, self-loathing and helplessness. Unfortunately, not everyone who experiences it seeks treatment or shares the extent of their pain.

The main reason is they fear being judged, so depressed people try hard to hide their pain. But because they can’t hold such hurt and pain close to them for long, they are forced to transform them or themselves.

They Are Very Smart

The way they deal with depression makes them very smart and strong, because it isn’t easy to endure that pain in silence. They are able to mentally twist their pain or themselves and transform it into something else.

They Are Very Empathetic

They are very in touch with their feelings, in fact they can’t turn them off. In the raw feelings they experience they easily relate and feel for those around them.

Their Personalities Don’t Reflect It

When you look at them, you would never suspect they are struggling with depression. You need to examine their defenses and desires to know what they fear.

Their Biggest Challenge: Shutting Down Their Brain

Like most minds, theirs derails into unproductive cruelty and are messed up in its processes.

They Don’t Mean To Harm Anyone

Their empathy kicks them hard when they lash out at others. Because they already have trouble liking themselves, now they see themselves as more of a monster than before.

They Know Many People But Trust Few

Many people know them and enjoy their company but few hold his or her confidence. The need to not be seen as depressed leads them to look and act like social butterflies. They remain enigmas.

They Are Very Difficult To Know

They are very relatable characters because of their high empathy and thorough knowledge of pain. But few if anyone know anything of real content or value about them.

They Make Situations Worse For Themselves

Not being genuine, carrying other’s woes, and not seeking treatment or help makes their lives much harder than it needs to be.

They Fear Judgement Over Everything

Because they don’t want to be attached to the stigma attached to depression, they don’t share their pain or seek help.

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