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9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Destroying You: The Ninth Is The Vilest!

Physical abuse in relationships is terrifying, but emotional abuse, which is often excused by the abused partner, can lead to deeper consequences than physical. It is often impossible to “escape” of this kind of relationship. You may be confused when your partner is emotionally abusing you.  The following nine signs reveal an abusive behavior from your partner:

  • They experience frequent mood swings

They may be very attentive sometimes and immediately afterwards start yelling at you because you did something that did not like. Frequent mood swings are common in case of unbalanced persons who empties his frustrations on someone else. Such a relationship which constantly alternates between tenderness and nervousness has little chance to survive in the future.

  • They try to isolate you from the rest of the world

They are trying to limit your contact with family and friends, because they think that they are too involved in your relationship. You should avoid letting them be successful in this regards, because like this you will become an easy target for their mistreatment.

  • They are jealous

Emotionally abusive partners are not only jealous of your friends and family, but also of your dreams, ambitions and objectives. They may get angry even when they realize that you do not depend on them.

  • There are a lot of fights between you two

Such persons use to exaggerate and that’s why petty squabbles may often escalate into major strife. They will try to convince you that it is only your fault when you have a fight. If you think that physical abuse can also occur in such cases, you should think to break it up.

  • They may become violent

Emotional “abusers” always want to show that they are superior to you. They might become violent if everything is not as they envisioned. If you start to be frightened, you have nothing to look for in that relationship.

  • He constantly disregards you

When your partner stops supporting you and whatever you make is not good enough or is not right, it means that he disregards you. Do not let him belittle you and appreciate yourself for what you are and what you can achieve, without his support.

  • You are struggling to make him happy, but don’t receive the same

There is nothing wrong to want to make your partner happy. But, if you don’t get the same in return, it means that your relationship does not make sense.

  • You feel like you are trapped

When your partner is abusive, you lose your sense of helplessness. The partner will try to control all aspects of your life and you will feel like you are trapped. You have to escape and lose the “chains” to be happy again.

  • He has convinced you that the problem is in you

Abusive partners want to make you believe that the problem of not having a perfect relationship is in you. You will feel like you simply deserve that they behave like that. They don’t give up, because this is just a manipulative tactic. You have to realize that you’re worth much more than that.

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