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8 Interesting Psychology Facts That Help You Better Understand Yourself!

Do you know which the most complex system in the entire universe is? I can tell you that it isn’t a planet, a galaxy or a black hole. It is something smaller: the human brain. Our brain works constantly to keep your body functioning. This happens with animal’s brain too. But the human brain doesn’t stop there as it is constantly working to make itself more efficient. It’s constantly asking the tough questions like: “Why am I here?” or “Where exactly did this massive universe come from?” and “How is my lifestyle affecting my health?”

That permanent questioning has allowed us to discover interesting information about our minds. Here are 8 interesting facts that will change the way you understand life and yourself.

  1. Your IQ suffers if you’re using your cell phone too much

Our brain is wonderful and complex, but it can only handle a certain amount of information at once. The Times Online related that spending too much time doing things like texting or browsing the web puts your brain in a state of “infomania.” As a result, your IQ suffers.

  1. Sloppy handwriting proves your intelligence

Studies proved that intelligent brains think a lot faster than their owner writes. If your brain is spewing out ideas at a mile a minute, your writing hand has a hard time keeping up. This is the reason doctor’s handwriting is generally hard to read.

  1. Men are funnier than women.

Stanford University conducted a study which concluded that men are funnier than women because one of the men’s tasks is to impress and seduce women. And humor always helped them to accomplish this task. Women have historically been the gatekeepers to procreation, so they don’t need to be endowed with humor.

  1. You’ll be happier if you experience things that scare you

Modern human beings developed many fears and phobias that don’t protect us from dangerous things.  It seems that when we confront our fears, we don’t only learn how to survive, but we also become happier because we are more satisfied with ourselves.

  1. If mother ate food with mercury while she was pregnant, you will earn an average of $31,800 less in your entire life than you would otherwise.

Mercury exposure costs people across the United States $8.7 billion annually in lost wages.

  1. If you speak multiple languages, you have different personalities for each one.

Recent research has shown that people’s view of themselves and their personality changes completely when they speak another language. According to the study, this probably has to do with the stereotypes someone associates with a particular language.

  1. The happier you are, the less sleep you need.

Researcher Ying-Hui Fu studied sleep behaviors and she concluded that optimistic and energetic people require only smaller amounts of sleep than other people.

  1. Intelligent people don’t have many friends.

Smart persons generally avoid being around many people. The smarter you are, the most selective you become regarding your social circle.

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