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7 Reasons to Love Yourself Each Morning

We cannot control the weather when we wake up in the morning, but we are in charge of our mood for the rest of the day. It is said that some people simply love themselves and that is why they don’t have any complex, while others hate themselves, accusing instead of encouraging themselves for each step in their live.

Many people suffer because they do not understand love and they cannot love life because of this. And to understand love, the best place to look for in inside you. Therefore, my invitation today is to love you even if you try to be better every day. That’s because only when you love yourself, you can love the people around you and you can appreciate your life.

There are some simple thoughts that you should bring to your mind each morning to realize that you love yourself, you trust you and you will have a successful day.

  1. I will have a great day today
    Your morning mood will govern you over the whole day. If your first thought when you wake up is that it will have a good day, you will be positive all day long.  It doesn’t depend on the things that you have to do or the people you have to meet, because if you are in a good mood you will be able to keep your control and influence the others.
  2. I won’t  give up before I begin
    The results of our actions, success or failure depend on the way we imagine the picture of those actions. You don’t have to start any job thinking that it will go wrong. You cannot be a winner if you think from the beginning that you are a looser. And you have to try in order to know if you are capable of doing something. You may be surprised and find out that you’ve done better than you’ve expected.
  3. I like all the things I do
    You’ve made some decision in the past and you believed that those were your best achievements. You chose a job because you liked it, you had the friends whom you trusted when they became your companions. That means that you are in this picture because you like it, so you have no reason to think in the morning that you will have to do things you hate.
  4. I listen to others’ opinion, but I act like myself
    For most of us, the others’ approval for our facts is very important. Of course, you have to listen to their opinion, but not to take it as law. Detaching yourself from other people’s opinion and think with your own mind will keep you apart from envying people and unfriendly actions. Those around us often judge by appearance. We think that people see our strengths and weaknesses, but they often see only their own prejudices and stereotypes and that will not help us to evolve.
  5. I will be happy today, little issues will come and go away without disturbing me
    Not every day of our life is perfect. There are daily little things that upset us like a traffic incident or a bad word from a colleague. This doesn’t have to affect us too much, because these are part of life, but such episodes are not vital for our existence. They come and go away, but they won’t change our life in good or bad.
  6. I love people around me and I appreciate what I already have
    Family and friends are important for all of us. They give us support and encourage us. We have to appreciate them every day and think that without them our life won’t be the same. In the same way we have to be happy with what we have. Of course we always want more and this is good, but thinking that we have enough for today may bring more for tomorrow.
  7. Each day is a gift
    Every new day is a gift that we need to consider. We are used to live with the feeling that we can live forever, but this is not a reality. Live each day of your life as if it may be your last and enjoy every new day when you see the sunlight.




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