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7 Important Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

  1. Flowers.

Dreaming a budding flower is a sign that you will experience new opportunities in life. Sprouting plants suggest that some of the seeds you’ve sewn are about to spring to life. Id dead flowers appear in your dream means that you are about to end a chapter in life.

  1. Phones.

If a phone is ringing in your dream it means that some part of your personality finally connects with you the way it needs to. If you don’t answer the ringing phone, you are choosing to ignore these messages.

  1. Boxes.

If you see many boxes it is a sign that you find difficulties in processing your feelings. Boxes suggest that you feel there is something hidden away from you. An empty box indicates that something disappoints you.

  1. Flying.

When you dream you’re flying it means that your subconscious mind has something to tell you. You may have difficulties in life and you wish to overtake them.

  1. Water.

When water is in your dreams your ambition in life are reflected. If you see the ocean, you have to be ready to take risks. On the other hand, small ponds suggest that you’re over-reaching.

  1. Moon.

Moon means mystery, so there is a hidden or unrevealed part of your personality that’s trying to escape.

  1. Roads.

Roads symbolize your journey through life. Clear and paved roads suggest that you are on the right, simple path. Murky or foggy roads are a sign that you are afraid of the future.

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