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7 Adorable Small Tattoo Ideas

It is fashionable to have tattoos today and like any other thing that involves fashion, there are different tattoo tastes: big tattoos, full body tattoos or small tattoos. Most people opt for small tattoos because they look nice and elegant and the greatest advantage is that they are less painful when they are made. Here are seven cute small tattoos designs in vogue that may inspire you:

1. Feather Tattoo

 Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos are very popular as they offer elegance and charm.  Such a tattoo looks fabulous anywhere: on your belly, wrist, arms or ankles.

2. Music Tattoo

Music Tattoo

Those who love music will surely find inspiring a “music tattoo”. This tattoo can be done on a small portion of the hand or behind the ear.

3. Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

With a single word you can let people know what you think about this world. Words like faith, free, freedom, life, love are the most common used for small tattoos.

4. Family Love Tattoo

Family Love Tattoo

With such a tattoo you can express your love for your family: parents, spouse or children. A great idea is to engrave the family members’ name in some other language.

5. Holy Symbols Tattoo

Holy Symbols Tattoo

Many people like to have tattoos which include a cross, the words ‘Om’ or ‘God’, or any other relevant holy image.

6. Birdie Tattoo

A Birdie TattooBirdie tattoos are also very popular. These tattoos give a simple yet trendy look and they are very eye-catching.

7. Star Symbol Tattoo

 Star Symbol Tattoo

A star tattoo usually symbolizes richness and resource. With such a tattoo your message is clear: you are a star and need not be tagged!

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