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6 Amazing Juices That Promote Weight Loss And Burn Calories

One of the most efficient methods to lose weight successfully is juicing. There are so many fruits and vegetables, which will help you to struggle unwanted extra pounds if you include them in your diet in the right way. You will find below six powerful drinks which are a good addition to a weight loss program:


Our body cannot absorb properly the vitamins and minerals contained by a carrot when consumed raw as this vegetable’s cells walls are covered with a thick layers of cellulose. By juicing carrots, you break down these cell walls and you can absorb all the vitamins. Being low in calories and fat and high in vitamins and minerals, carrot juice is great for losing weight.


A glass of sugar-free lemonade in the morning on empty stomach may be very efficient when you want to lose weight. If you cannot drink it unsweetened, you may add some honey in it.


Cucumbers are recommended to be included in your diet in form of a healthy juice that fits into your weight-loss plan. Juicing fresh cucumbers in a blender will let you keep the dietary fibre content of the vegetable, making it an even more nutritious beverage. Combine 1-cup serving of sliced cucumber blended with 1/2 cup of water.


Juicers extract all the insoluble fibre from beets during the juicing process, but they preserve the soluble fibre, roughly half the total dietary fibre content. You can also mix in the extracted fibre with your fresh juice to get the full 3.8 grams of dietary fibre. If you do so, add 1/2 cup of water to thin out the texture. Dietary fibre increases bulk in your diet, helping you feel fuller with less food, leading to a lower calorie intake that helps with weight loss.


Watermelon is 92 per cent water but that other 8 per cent is filled with good nutrition and amazing health benefits. It is high in dietary fibre that helps keep the colon clean.


Ginger juice works to help lose weight as it has a highly satiating effect that will help as a natural appetite suppressant that will fight off the feeling of hunger between meals. It also has fat-burning properties, as it is accelerating our metabolism.

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