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5 Things The Girl Who’s Afraid Of Getting Her Heart Broken Wants You To Know

I recently met one of the nice guys people use to talk about. I’ve know everything about nice guys. Girls don’t give them the time of day because they’re “too nice.” Honestly, that girl is me. So I haven’t figured out why it is I’ve kept this guy around for so long. My heart was broken too many times for me to be able to trust men, even the nice ones. That is why I want to tell the nice guy a few things:

  1. I’m not used with compliments.

Most (if not all) of the men I have dated would give me backhanded compliments nearly every time they spoke to me. Such as: “Wow, that dress makes your stomach look pretty small” or “Hey, I noticed you didn’t eat so much tonight. I see you noticed you could lose some weight, too. Good start!” That’s why, it is pretty strange for me to get used with words like this: “Good morning, beautiful” or “You’re so gorgeous”. Thank you for them, but I feel a little bit embarrassed as I have never been taught that a woman my size could ever fit into the definition of beautiful.

  1. I’m overwhelmed by your desire to talk to me so often.

You have to understand that, up until this point, I have had to fight for any man’s attention. I had to learn to be OK on my own and never depend on someone else for being happy. So, if you find yourself triple texting me because you haven’t heard from me in an hour or two, know I received every text and I’m working on replying.

  1. You cannot convince me to trust you.

I’m sure you want to tell me that you’re the type of guy to stick with just one girl. Sorry, but in my eyes… you’re a liar. In my mind, you’re talking to at least three other women behind my back and I don’t want to be the one to get hurt after it all. I’ve learned to keep my distance, waiting for every single moment you mess up. I won’t be falling first, no matter how nice you are.

  1. I won’t allow myself to have feelings for you.

I’m sure I am totally different from any other woman you’ve ever met in your life. I’m faltered to hear that you miss me all of the time and I am a wonderful person. But I don’t want to allow butterflies in my stomach and I will ignore all of the sweet things you say to me. This is because I’ve been hurt too many times to let another man’s words get my hopes up.

  1. I do all my best.

Talking to you for more than three days is a record for me already. You won’t hear from me things like “I miss you” and I will not compliment you on your boyish good looks. You won’t have my heart on a silver platter. It’s going to take more than “Good morning, gorgeous” to make me fall in love. Maybe you don’t like to hear all these, but I promise you that one day, I will be worth it.

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