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5 Strange And Hilarious Coincidences In Human History That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Some people really try to plan everything in their life as this makes them feel secure about their future. But not all the time things can work exactly how you imagined before and one of the most valuable lessons everyone learns at a certain moment in life is that there are a lot of events that happen through coincidence.

Some of us may be upset that something didn’t take place as we expected, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best things in life come in the form of coincidence. Some of these coincidences may be funny things, such as dressing the same as one of your friend when you go to a party. But there were even far crazier coincidences throughout human history. Here are some of them:

  1. This example isn’t funny, but it is one of the most bizarre ones on this list. There were two brothers who were killed in the same way, at the same age, by the same taxi driver. Even more stranger, when the second brother died, the taxi driver was transporting the same person as the first time.


  1. Identical twins that were separated at birth were adopted by two different families, but both share the name James. When they found each other, they were surprised to discover that they both married different women with the same names. And not only once…First, they were married with women named Linda, and then again to women named Betty. And the coincidences don’t stop here! Each had sons, one of which each of them named James Allan and James Alan.



  1. There are two famous individuals who look shockingly similar, but one was being born just as the other one was passing away. One was a famous car maker and the other a famous footballer.


  1. Four women walked onto the same bus. They were four blonde and they were all dressed in dark jackets and white beanies. coin4 - Copy (4)
  2. There was an Urban Outfitter employee who was delighted to see that his face had been sewn into a pair of socks.

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