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5 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath

  • They pin their own worst features on you.

When you have to deal with a psychopath and it happens to have an argument, such a person will try to pin his or her own worst qualities on you. They try to project their own flaws onto you in order to take the heat off of themselves. By doing this, they determine you to look like you are the unstable person.

  • They victimize themselves.

Even when a psychopath is the privileged one in a fight, he or she will act like a victim in order to impress. He or she generally undermines the experience of someone else by trying to make it his or her own.

  • They are arrogant.

Psychopaths consider themselves the best all the time. They are arrogant and tend to keep a calm, cool appearance that enables them to seem in control and talk down to their debate opponent.

  • They change moods quickly.

In a second, a psychopath can change instantly their attitude. He or she may look compassionate, but may become aggressive rapidly. They may apologize for something and then attack you again a minute later.

  • They don’t assume their mistakes.

When they are wrong, psychopaths pass the blame to someone else. They don’t assume their mistakes, because their most hidden desire is to see you are grateful for them in your life.

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