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5 Reasons Of Being Bloated Most Of The Time. Find The Cause And Solve The Problem!

Bloating is a normal condition of the human body. When your body breaks down food into products that can be absorbed in the digestive system, gases are produced in your stomach and intestines. Bloating is perceived as uncomfortable, and in some cases it is accompanied by a feeling of confused pain spread throughout the whole abdomen.Usually, when the food is processed that feeling stops. But there are people who feel bloated almost all the time. If you are one of them you may find out below which may be the cause:

Your body lacks water

Lack of water in the body leads to numerous diseases and health problems. A person without health issues should drink between 6-8 glasses of water per day, depending on the person’s weight. When we don’t drink enough water our body uses it contains for hydration. Fluid retention is also one of the reasons for bloating stomach. So, you have to be sure every day that you give enough water to your body. And pay attention: coffee and alcohol are not hydrating yourself, on the contrary, they are a great factor for dehydration.

You eat too fast and you don’t chew enough

It is very important to chew the food slowly. One of the causes of bloating may be not chewing enough because you eat in a rush. This leads to problems with digestion. So, take small bites and try to chew slowly each bite.

You cannot avoid stress

Stress is a big enemy of the proper digestion. Much research was made on this and the conclusion was that stress can make us feel bloated. The explanation is that when we are under stress, our brain prevents the proper function of digestive tract. We have to eliminate stress especially when we eat. Try to take your meals in a pleasant environment and avoid thinking to your problems when eating.

You are constipated

There are cases when you may feel better after you empty the bowels. That means that you are constipated, and bloating is just the sensation that you feel. This situation happens because gas is trapped behind the poop so you need to consume more fiber. It is recommended to add fiber gradually, because if you start consuming fiber suddenly your problems will increase. It is helpful to eat berries, smoothies and replace white bread with whole grain bread.

You don’t digest carbs properly

A low – carb diet solves many times the problems with bloating. Carbs can make you feel bloated if your body doesn’t digest them properly. So, try as much as possible to avoid starches, sugar and alcohol.

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