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18 Things You Should NEVER Do While Traveling Abroad

I’ve visited a lot of countries on three continents over the years. I’m extremely lucky to have lived all these experiences in so many places on the world at a young age. Traveling is a wonderful way to learn new thing, meet amazing people and become wiser.  I recommend traveling as much as possible for anybody who can do this.

Every country has specific rules and some of the behaviors from our culture may look weird for others. Or there may be different habits in some countries that may surprise us. This list of 18 things not to do overseas is very helpful. For instance, you should know that in France it’s considered an insult to ask about money. In Germany, people think that a person may not live to their birthday if congratulated early. In Turkey, the “okay” gesture is seen as offensive. In India, it is not allowed to touch a person of the opposite sex in public. In China, clocks and umbrellas should not be offered as gifts as it is considered that they bring bad luck.

There are 18 things you should never do while traveling in the countries mentioned in the following chart:


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