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If You Are Doing These 12 Things, It Means That You Suffer From Some Mental Disease!

Depression is not a choice and anyone can experience this condition, due to some difficult situations in life. In such situation there are some habits which are unconsciously sabotaging your good mood, and which you should immediately stop doing. Here are some of them:

  1. You walk hunched

If you walk hunched it is a sign that you are less confident than those who walk with their head up.

  1. You allow people to use you

You let other people harass you, because you don’t not know how to say “no.” Seek professional help and stop all the harassment.

  1. You don’t exercise

The lack of physical activity has a negative effect on your mental condition. People who exercise three times a week have 19 percent less chances to suffer from depression.

  1. You postpone your tasks

You have to complete all your daily tasks, because if you leave them for tomorrow you will feel constantly overwhelmed.

  1. You are in a toxic relationship

If you feel that your partner does not support you, it is normal to feel bad and nervous. You should end this relationship.

  1. You take pictures of everything

You think that by watching photos you take it will be easier for you to remember everything that you see. Buy you are wrong, you will remember only if you really devote a few minutes of your attention.

  1. You take everything too seriously

If you do not remember when you had a good laugh last time, this is a sign that you need to relax. Laugh is the best treatment for anxiety and depression.

  1. You have sleeping problems

If you don’t sleep because you consider yourself too busy, you must change your habits. Sleeping is essential for our overall health. If you have problems falling asleep or having a resting night you should look for professional help.

  1. You neglect yourself

You take care of everything, excepting yourself: your children, your partner, your job, your house. Offer yourself at least two hours a week to do what you really want to do.

  1. You avoid face to face communication

If you maintain friendships through social networks and text messages, and you barely talk with people face to face, you have more chances to fall into depression.

  1. You cannot last a day without technology

Being dependent on technology brings a lot of stress. If you cannot last even a day without them, you should try to relax in nature to regain your energy.

  1. You are trying to be multitasking

You are wrong if you think that is good to be a multitasking machine. According to the experts, doing this you cannot pay enough attention to everything that you want to do.

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