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10 Universal Truths About Life

Life is an infinite succession of lessons that help you to grow and evolve. The better you understand life, the easier you can change the way you are living and enjoy every moment.  There are 10 universal truths that will help you to have a peaceful and productive life.

1. You are the one who controls your mind.
If you want to control your life, you have to start by being aware that you are the only one who has the control of your mind. Doing this will help you to avoid inappropriate decisions and undesired influences in order to live an authentic life.

2. The first step is always the most difficult to achieve.
Instead of always looking for excuses to delay starting projects that attract you, it would be better to start them when they are going through your mind. The beginning is always the hardest, but you will become an expert after practicing.

3. Live for yourself, not for others.
Most times you feel the need to worry about a lot of people around you, and this will make you completely forgetting about yourself. If you do this, you will not be happy so start to make decisions that make you happy and you’ll be surprised how easy life would be.

4. Don’t waste your time trying to change people.
People are hard to be changed, maybe there are some things that you are able to influence about them but generally they will remain the same.  You better try to empathize with others and understand the life through their eyes, even if you don’t agree all the time with their point of view.

5. The purpose of your life is to follow your heart.
For many people finding the purpose of their life resembles the search for the Holy Grail, but in reality it is easier than you think. Do what you feel, looking for a job that you like or try a hobby that you may turn into a business and you will see that your life will suddenly become beautiful.

6. Love yourself and accept yourself as you are.
By doing this, you will avoid inappropriate decisions. Once you learn to love and accept yourself as you are, you will be able to accept those around you, and this is very healthy for all your relationships.

7. Love has to govern all your life.
It is very important how much love you put into everything you do.  Love is a state of being, if you will be governed by this feeling all the time, you will not have the chance to lose the true meaning of life.

8. Fear is a big liar.
Enemy number one of living a happy and fulfilled life is fear. We are afraid of failure and we are afraid of the unknown, but in fact fear is a big liar which seems to keep us safe, but actually don’t let us reach our full potential. Don’t let the fear stop you in your creative moments and build your life to your heart.

9. Love is about accepting the others’ good and bad things.
Nobody is perfect in the world. No matter how smart or beautiful we are, we all have faults. Of course we try to reach perfection, but we have to love the persons around us accepting their faults, too.

10. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Real friends are those who are supporting you in bad times. It is always nice to have people around you for having fun, but those who really care about you will be close to you in your most difficult moments.

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